Here is a list of recommended programs and utilities for you.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition

AVG is a free antivirus program for Windows and Linux that does an excellent job of protecting your computer and email without slowing down your computer like many other antivirus programs do these days.  I use AVG on ALL of my windows systems and have been very happy with it for a number of years now.  If you have a recent version of Norton installed and find your computer to be overly slow, this is the solution!

Spybot Search And Destroy

Spybot is one of my most used tools when I’m cleaning up a spyware infection.  No Windows user should be without this tool.

Malwarebytes AntiMalware

MalwareBytes is a fairly new tool in my spyware aresenal.  It does a good job of removing some of the newer drive by web attacks that have been popping up recently.


Firefox is the best web browser I have ever used.  Its available for almost all platforms and avoids the problems that plague Internet Explorer.  This is a must have.


From the makers of Firefox.  Thunderbird is an excellent email client.  Its available for MAC, Windows and Linux.

Open Office

Open Office is a free replacement for Microsoft Office.  It can read and write to the Microsoft file formats as well as Open Document formats.  I use this on all of my Windows and Linux systems.