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virusI have been spending quite a bit of time recently removing the TDSS trojan and associated malware from client machines. Within the last week, I have had at least fifteen calls that I can directly attribute to TDSS.  While that might not sound like much, its very rare that I run into the same virus more than a few times a month. The fact that I’m seeing this much of the same bug means that its a wide spread problem. It seems that most anti-virus programs don’t detect this bugger until its too late. Many of the infections have been in place for a few weeks before the client even noticed there was a problem. If you arr running any flavor of Windows, I recommend that you take a few minutes to download a removal tool from Kaspersky and test your system(s). Kaspersky is offering a free tool and instructions to scan and remove the TDSS trojan from both your master boot record (MBR) and your windows\system32 folder. It only takes a minute or so to scan and the tool is a small download. I urge you to check your system(s) today. You can download the tool from here: Kaspersky TDSS Removal Tool.

If you find that your system was infected with TDSS, I suggest that you do a full virus/malware scan with your AV program and Malwarebytes and remove the rest of the crap that was silently installed by TDSS.

Lets all do our part to wipe out this nasty little bug.


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